by Craig Allen Brown

The Women of CAU is a chartered alumni organization founded by 15 Clark Atlanta University and Clark College alumnae.  Their mission is to inspire, encourage and mentor young ladies attending Clark Atlanta University towards embracing their full potential academically, professionally and socially through sisterhood initiatives and Alumnae engagement.

The Women of CAU was created when its current president, Rochelle Lindsey, realized that there were no outreach groups for young women on the CAU campus.  “I think it’s about time we create our own sisterhood,” Lindsey said.  “I want to create an environment where alumnae are connected and wrapping their arms around each other, the university, and most importantly, the young ladies of CAU.”

The Women of CAU became an officially chartered alumni affiliate on Oct. 20, 2017.  Lindsey has been overwhelmed with the support that she has received from Clark Atlanta University alumnae.  One of the organization’s most important attributes is that they are a group that intends to work directly with students who need assistance.  “Our tagline is: ‘We don’t want just financial members.  We want serving members,” Lindsey said.

The organization is taking the task of reaching out to CAU’s female students very seriously.  The Women of CAU is actively engaging students through a host of media, as well as looking for other unique ways in which to garner student interest.  There is also a plan to create an undergraduate auxiliary chapter of the organization, which would allow CAU’s female students to more effectively voice their own needs, goals, and plans with their parent organization.  “We want to create a student chapter that says, ‘Here are the projects and initiatives that we want to do,” Lindsey said.  “We want them to feel that there is an alumni group that’s willing to help.  Whatever support that they need, we’re here.”

The Women of CAU currently has 30 members; the goal is to reach 100 by Dec. 16.  The organization just hosted a “Meet and Greet” on Nov. 16; 45 people attended the event, and the event raised over $1500.

The Women of CAU has planned a number of ways to support CAU students in the near future.  There is a mentoring program that will assist 10 CAU freshmen.  The organization will also launch the Ladies of CAU, the undergraduate auxiliary chapter of the Women of CAU, and the Legacy Project, which will align CAU students with high school students to serve as mentors.  There is also the Panther 100 Members Celebration on Dec. 16; money raised at this event will be used for scholarships.

Anyone interested in learning more information about the Women of CAU can do so via Instagram (@womenofcau) or Facebook (@womenofcauaa).  The organization can also be reached by email at info@womenofcau.com.  If a young lady is in need of any kind of support, she can contact the Women of CAU at resources@womenofcau.com.

While the Women of CAU values all students, it is particularly empathetic towards those students who may be foster children, young mothers, first generation students, or students who have lost a parent(s).  These students are especially encouraged to contact the Women of CAU.

“When you think about [the Women of CAU], picture us as the mothers or the caregivers of the campus,” Lindsey stated.  “We’re here to love, share, support, and cry with the students, as well as celebrate their successes.”